Been a while…

Blogging has its own momentum. Sometimes it’s easy to write every day, perhaps more than once a day. But occasionally you hit a dry patch; I suppose I could blog every day: “Got up, caught MTR, worked until after dark, went home, teased cats with laser pointer” – but what’d be the point? Don’t get me wrong; life is far from boring – but I can’t write about what I do at work!

So combine this dry patch with excessive travel and a tendency to be too busy to write and suddenly – after just a month or so – you have an “ex-blog” on your hands. Sure you could resurrect it, but it might turn out to be a zombie and eat your brains.

The longer you leave it, the more you’re aware than when you do eventually make another posting you’ll either be inundated with people saying “I thought you’d given up blogging”, or – worse – hear nothing but silence broken only by the chirping of crickets, because all the subscribers will have given up long ago and deleted you from their RSS readers.  So even when you do feel the urge to blog once more, you shrink from breaking the silence.

Still, I have stuff to write about, so better late than never. Will I hear the crickets chirping?