Will they find the black box?

If you haven’t already read Flying Low and Flying Low II: Ground Proximity Alert, you should start there.

The Aviator has crashed and burnt! It’s been deserted, darkened, with a bike lock through the door handles for some weeks now. The varnish outside is flaking away. The whole place dragged out of the sky in a stall induced by epic fail.

But how could this happen in a busy, highly-populated area like Tung Chung, where there are so few other bars to choose from? Could it be:

  • that they never, ever changed their tedious and bland menu?
  • that their food and drink were recklessly overpriced, especially given the quality?
  • that their beer selection was minimal and consisted of the same brews sold everywhere else (if I wanted Carlsberg I’d get it from 7-Eleven; sell me something interesting!)?
  • that their buffet was covered in flies?
  • that their staff had been taught a special facial expression of greeting (best described as “oh crap, here’s another one”)?
  • that the place had the atmosphere of a food court, and did not encourage lingering (more like The Autopilot, quite often)?
  • that the service was incredibly slow, and you’d often spend as long waiting for your pint as you would spend drinking it?

Or perhaps it was just bad luck. Who can say.

Moving on, fingers crossed that something actually good replaces it. Not just another chain restaurant/bar. Something with the pizzas of Wildfire, the beer selection of the East End Brewery, and prices from the Mainland. Not a chance, obviously.

2 thoughts on “Will they find the black box?

  1. The new one should introduce English roast beef, then people would wait for the beer, gladly : )
    P.S. Did Aviator fly their “attendants” to Paris to get trained? Sounds like it!

  2. I was at Zentro last night, just downstairs from Seaview Crescent. Not cheap, but they’re showing all the football on the outdoor big screen and the place was packed. Nice atmosphere but dreadfully slow service – food quite good.

    The good thing is it’s only a few seconds from home for me to role home pissed.

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