Sadly, this does not surprise me

Wikileaks recently released a video showing incriminating footage of an attack by an American helicopter gunship in Baghdad. Many were killed, including two Reuters journalists, and children were seriously wounded. The Americans claimed this was all within the rules of engagement, but the video footage tells a very different story.

But that’s not what this posting is about. It’s about Facebook’s censorship of this very important subject matter.

The web site Collateral Murder was set up to ensure that the video could reach a wide audience. But interestingly, if you try to post a link to Collateral Murder on Facebook, you get:

“Blocked Content”? Now how did that happen?

2 thoughts on “Sadly, this does not surprise me

  1. Recently, Facebook has pull down some groups related to “4 June”. It seems Facebook would like to cooperate with China 🙂

  2. How about Facebook pulling out of the U.S.? Corporate fiasco, but politically correct?!
    Censorship? what censorship?? ; )

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