The chef? He’s from Barcelona

Incredible. Simply months since the last update. I bet you thought I’d given up blogging. In fact, I’ve been torn between masses of mundane stuff (not worth blogging about) and some interesting stuff that I’m damn well not going to blog about (mind your own business!)

So here, just to kick things off again, is a restaurant review. La Comida, Staunton Street, the Spanish restaurant and Tapas bar. I was there last night and was confounded by the gap between their good dishes (amazing) and their bad (a practically inedible travesty of cooking).

In summary, if you go to La Comida stick to the tapas which were, without exception, bloody marvellous. The calamari with aoli were perfectly cooked and not at all chewy, enclosed in a firmly textured crust of tasty crumbs, and the aoli itself was an ideal match. The asparagus with parmesan was the ultimate vegetarian comfort-food. The sardines were crispy-skinned, full of flavour and enhanced by a dash of olive oil (always available on the tables).

Then comes the tactical error: instead of ordering more tapas, my companion and I tried for some of their main meals. She had salmon with dill sauce and french fries and it was not too bad. A generously-sized portion, but unfortunately with only the most stingy splashing of sauce; certainly not enough to actually allow it to be tasted.

I chose the rack of lamb with mashed potato and green salad and it was universally awful. The lamb itself was properly cooked (I like mine rare and they complied with that reliably) but the cut of meat was cheap, clotted with fat and sinew, and much harder to eat than lamb rack ought to be. The mash must have been instant as it had no taste at all, and was dry and had a suspiciously uniform texture. The salad had been dressed apparently with pure brine and was far too salty to eat. Nothing on that expensive plate gave me any pleasure at all. Luckily my companion had filled herself up with tapas so I ate her salmon and found it quite agreeable.

They also serve the roughest rioja in the world as their house red. Avoid at all costs.

Would I return? Yes, for the tapas, without any hesitation. I’ll never be ordering off the main course menu again.

3 thoughts on “The chef? He’s from Barcelona

  1. Why is it… that it seems your commentys tell me more about Expat Prejudices, than whatever you are writing about.

    Maybe when you have lived in HK a bit longer, you will start to see the place through different eyes.

    I am an expat myself, as it happens. But I see things differently

    • Bradley,

      I would be intrigued if you could give some examples of “expat prejudice” as found in my comments; particularly, how you managed to find such a thing in a restaurant review. I think my reaction to a crappy cut of lamb would be the same in any country.

      Also, I’ve been here since 2001. How would you define “a bit longer”?

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