Weekend? What weekend?

No hiking for me this Saturday. I’m in the office working on a substantial piece of reporting. We’ve been moving the office around, and my desk now occupies a commanding position in the centre of the room, facing the door. The sales and admin team is to my left, and the engineers and the lab are to my right. I much prefer this location, although according to the arbitrary nonsense of feng shui I am in totally the wrong place.

Enjoyed a decent Thai dinner last night with David, Lucy and family. Tried a new dish – a sort of thick soup containing big unshelled prawns, served inside a hollowed out loaf of bread. Not bad. The sweet and sour was way, way too sweet – it might as well have been doused in ketchup.

Nothing further to report, really. I’m hoping to head out on the walking trails tomorrow, if I achieve enough work today.

On a blog-related note, I have removed the requirement for users to be registered before leaving comments. The comment fields are now fair game to all comers!