More about ID…

Two consecutive posts about identity. Except this one isn’t about government shenanigans, ID cards, and national identity databases – the identity in question is simply, mine.

Most HK bloggers work anonymously (or nearly so). I decided at the outset that I wanted to blog under my own name. I felt, when I started this web site, that I had no need for anonymity. I’m not a regular visitor to Wanchai, and wouldn’t feel the urge to blog about it even if I were; neither am I a well-connected socialite seeking to leak titbits of juicy gossip.

Well, if you’re wondering about the extended lack of updates, it’s because of the lack of anonymity. There’s so much going on right now that I’d love to blog about, but I simply cannot. It would be too indiscreet. I wish it were good, unadulterated filth that I was withholding from you, but it’s not even that exciting: it’s all over the compass – drama, trauma, wry amusements, self-criticism, defiance, the occasional cliffhanger… real soap-opera material, except the acting is even worse.

Sometimes, you can’t wait for a conclusion before writing about your situation. John Diamond’s book about his terminal cancer, for example, would have been rather less successful if he’d waited to see how things worked out before putting pen to paper. I’m not so heroic, and neither do I have Nigella Lawson cooking for me, so I’m going to bashfully avoid going into any further details until… well, I have no idea.

In short: I’m still here. But I’m not sharing right now.

3 thoughts on “More about ID…

  1. I do wander here sometimes and wonder about the updates, so yes, as a reader, I’m a bit disappointed. When you really write/wrote something, they were good, not like this one though. If necessary, go soap-opera, looking forward to it ; )

  2. Richardo,

    I’m *really* concerned and worried by the fact that I’ve just been invited to apply for CTO of the ID card project managing 150 consultants (cough) and standing up for the technology (double cough); with the nod that there’s a vague chance I might get it (triple cough).

    I can think of little more scary (Ericksonian induction/NLP tap to wrist…;-)

    There was me as a teenager convinced the Anti-Christ was going to be introducing the totalitarian ID card in my lifetime – and goddammit, it’s going to be me if I’m not careful!!!

    What is it the old Asian guys say, “Tat Tvam Asi”??

    Wise words.

    I think these guys knew more about identity than Kim Cameron.

    best wishes,

    AV Frater

    p.s. Francesca, is that you Diva?! and, “Can I get a date?”

  3. Exactly why I don’t use my name. That said, my mother peeks in on occasion, so there’s loads I might want to blog that I wouldn’t end up writing.

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