Metis: Truly a miraculous airline

Take a look at the web site for Metis TransPacific – the new budget airline that claims to fly between Macau and Vancouver.

Now take a close look… because it smells fishier than a Wellcome wet-market on a hot day.

They seem to have a 757-200 with a fuel capacity of 43,490 usg. That’s a tad more than Boeing’s claimed capacity (11,489 usg). In other words, their 757 is a fuel tanker, with no room for passengers or cargo. Or perhaps it’s made up.

They’re not mentioned on either MFM or YVR’s web sites.

The picture of “their” 747 on their web site is a photoshop of this picture from (Oh, and it’s a 747-300, not a 747-400 as the Metis caption states.)

Their logo (see the 747 picture) is a photoshop of Bali Air’s logo.

And according to SkyTrax, if you try to book tickets they e-mail you asking you to wire money to their HK bank account.

Interestingly, if you attempt to add any of this information to their Wikipedia entry, a user called “metis1” reverts it.

It’s just possible… just possible… that Metis may not exist and may be taking money for bookings that will never lead to any actual flights. And even if they do exist, I am not going to fly with an airline that thinks it can get nearly 44,000 gallons into a 757.

Caveat emptor, in spades.

(Edit: If you actually manage to make a reservation, it takes you to a PayPal payment gateway where the 1,500 MOP has magically become US$1,500 … and the itinerary actually does claim the MFM to YVR flight will take place non-stop on a 757-200…)

One thought on “Metis: Truly a miraculous airline



    Having read this, I’m even more inclined to think you’ve got it nailed;

    Quote: “I will be sharing my thoughts on the airline after I actually fly with them this summer. Stay tuned for that! I am excited about being able to fly back home more often, thanks to a much lower fare and more importantly the ability to secure emergency row seating every time. It’s the little things in life that count, right? ”

    Doesn’t the math of “secure emergency row seating every time” sound like the math for the size of the aircraft ? Ho hmm.

    Sounds like someone’s bitching with the fabric of reality again … 😉


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