Flying low II: Ground proximity alert

A few months back I wrote a ranting diatribe about our local (and practically only) pub in Tung Chung. That’s The Aviator in Tung Chung (Mr Google) to be precise. I’ve been trying desperately hard to be charitable, give them time to accrue experience and work on improving their service, but after last night I’ve pretty much run out of patience.

They have a new waitress: pretty but dumb. And also – it seems – deaf. I visited the pub with two friends. She tried to take our orders while standing at one corner of the table, but could not hear what the lady at the far corner of the table was asking. Did it occur to her (radical thought, I know) to walk around the table to get closer? No – I had to repeat everything on her behalf. In fact, she may be congenitally unable to walk around a table because when the time came for her to place things upon the table, she leaned right across my space, practically dipping her hair into my meal and beer.

The food and beer were ordered simultaneously. The food and beer arrived simultaneously. I don’t mind waiting 20 minutes for a burger, but a pint of Stella should arrive sooner than that. They weren’t exactly busy.

The food, when it arrived, was not what was ordered.

The Stella, when it arrived, was contaminated with cider and practically undrinkable.

The lady in our party was a vegetarian, and she pointed out something I’d not noticed before: The Aviator does not have a single vegetarian main meal on its menu. Not one. My friend ended up with the soup-of-the-day, a side-salad and a bread basket.

On the positive side, the new waitress shut her fingers in the drawer of the cash register.

It’s embarrassing, really. I no longer feel comfortable taking visitors to Tung Chung into The Aviator because I have no idea what incompetence and laziness the serving staff will inflict upon us.