Pillow talk

It has been a most domesticated and relaxing Saturday. For (I believe) the first time in my entire life, I went to get my hair cut before it grew into a shaggy emergency. My usual head-trimmer is in Sheung Wan, where they’ll buzz-cut a short back’n’sides for $28. Today the shop was quiet and I was coerced into dallying with metrosexuality (i.e. they persuaded me to have a shampoo and some “product”). The head-massage part was alright, but the goo/spray stuff they applied was disconcertingly like Swarfega and I washed it off as soon as I got home. And the shampooing chair/sink arrangement had definitely not been designed for people of 6’2″.

[In case you’re wondering, this outbreak of uncharacteristic vanity was prompted by the sudden offer of a speaking slot at the Info-Security Project Conference in HKCEC next Wednesday. It’s real graveyard shift stuff (the last slot of the day in the Management Track breakout sessions!) but Joanna Rutkowska is speaking in the morning so I’m turning up to be starstruck and to see if she’s handing out blue pills.]

Then I bought some new pillows in IKEA. The humidity in HK does not treat pillows well and they have a pretty short useful life before they become streaked with mildew and disquieting patches of unusual colour. My old ones urgently needed to be buried under a crossroads at midnight, so I treated myself to four brand new bags of feathers. Since I was in Causeway Bay I dined on beef curry at the Bee II Japanese Curry shop – definitely one of the finer examples of the genre.

I was puzzled during my return journey to Tung Chung on the E11 bus as to why some people think, if they’ve forgotten their headphones, it would be okay to just listen to their music on some nasty tinny speaker, sharing it with the whole bus. Especially, as was the case today, if it is Indian pop music. Of course, there is overwhelming evidence that some people really are so selfish and oblivious that it won’t occur to them that this is crass, obnoxious behaviour, but it still jars me every time I am reminded of that fact.